Tuesday, January 19, 2016

monthly meal planning menu

Making supper at my house, is a team effort. Brian gets the meat out of the freezer while he is home for dinner so I don't have to defrost anything when I get home. (I feel really southern when I call the midday meal "dinner" and evening meal "supper". I was raised with "breakfast", "lunch" and "dinner". Brian was raised with "breakfast", "dinner" and "supper". It was quite confusing for me when we first started dating.)

I like to be organized when it comes to planning meals. I get really aggravated when I have to find something to feed my family at the last minute. It stresses me out and I get cranky.  I need to have a plan. When Sister Sue was about 3 years old, I created a menu binder. I typed and printed all of my recipes. These recipes (recipe sample) were then placed in a protective sleeve and then in a binder. At the front of the binder, is a calendar with all of the month's activities and menu for supper.

At the beginning of the month, I sit down at my computer and start planning. I have the 2016 monthly calendar on Google Sheets. It was a template I found and saved to edit. When it comes to my menus I prefer Google Sheets over Drive, because I like to easily flip through the tabs for each month instead of scrolling down the page.

Every week, I sit down to make a grocery list. I refer back to the weekly menu to create my list. I use a grocery list app called "Grocery IQ". It allows Brian the accessibility to add things to the list from his phone, which is very convenient for us both. I check the weekly menu and make sure I have the ingredients for the week. When it's time to cook a meal, I want to make sure all of the ingredients are in my pantry, fridge or freezer. I hang the weekly menu on my fridge, so Brian knows what is on the menu that evening.

How do you decide what to feed your family? I'm always looking for new ideas.


  1. I have to meal plan, too. If I don't (which December was bad) then it throws off my entire day and stresses me out. I love doing it all at once and not having to worry about it. I will have to try sheets though and your binder idea!

    1. Thanks Cori. It has really helped me stay organized. Plus, it keeps all of my recipes in one place. Added bonus...the page protector keeps the recipes from getting wet or stained with food.